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WaveShop is a practical design application for editing audio files. Unlike other similar editors, its greatest benefit is that it doesn’t completely alter the tracks unless it's necessary. You can edit sections as well as patch audio by segment, only affecting that portion of the file and leaving the rest intact.

With WaveShop you can copy, cut, paste, insert, and delete blocks of sound without changing the content of the whole file. It also includes an unlimited ‘Undo’ feature in case you make a mistake at the beginning of the process.

The main features of this program are amplification, fades, channel insertion, audio modulation, and speaker assignments, among others. You can also normalize the channels independently and generate tone statistics.

WaveShop edits and modifies the format of audio files larger than 2GB and uses DirectSound to play them back. In addition, its intuitive interface makes audio modification simple by letting you work with different channels. The program recognizes a big chunk of Windows’ commands so you can cut, copy, and paste with ease, making the whole editing process much more flexible.
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